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Bawlyn North最好的大街

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Bawlyn North总人口19335人,拥有6所小学,1所中学,房屋中价位为110万澳币,开车到市中心20分钟,电车到市中心37分钟。

 Population: 19,335. Median house price: $1.1 million*. Travel time to CBD: 20 mins car (EastLink), 37 minutes tram. Schools: 6 primary, 1 secondary.

1. Walbundry Avenue

Part of the Riverside Estate bordered by Doncaster, Bulleen and Burke Roads, Walbundry Avenue is just one of several leafy streets blessed with an abundance of original between-the-wars houses. The Riverside Estate has a quiet, restrained elegance that, although only a 10-minute (off-peak) freeway drive from inner-city Melbourne, feels a world away.

Like many streets in the estate, Walbundry Avenue is lined with 1930s and 1940s homes, many in the process of being respectfully renovated and modernised. Art deco details, including one or two homes in the delightful P&O style (inspired by luxury ocean liners), are a highlight.

Heritage protections mean the charm of this neighbourhood is here to stay, so even the shabbier homes will likely be returned to their original glory one day. One or two contemporary residences, huge mansions ill at ease in this refined environment, prevent the street from looking like a museum piece. Mike Nolan, director of Noel Jones (Balwyn), says a renovated two-storey, 1930s property would be worth around $2-$2.5million.


2. Tormey Street

Located at the top of the hill near the end of the tram line, Tormey Street is characterised by large blocks of land and is covered by a single housing covenant so it is prime family home territory. It’s also in the coveted Balwyn High school zone, so what families might save in private school fees, they can lavish on some of the suburb’s most expensive real estate.

Much of the street, formerly an orchard, was developed in the 1950s and1960s and you can still find some fabulous examples of the architecture ofthe eras, complete with large rumpus rooms, double carports and swimming pools. Many of these have now been replaced by contemporary homes, built with luxury in mind. These substantial new homes start at around $3million but can go as high as $4million depending on the size and quality of the home.

The hilly aspect, featuring gently undulating streets, is another attractive feature. Private sales mean it is hard to define property values, but Mr Nolan suggests land values are around $900-$1000-plus per square metre.

3. Buchanan Avenue

With Balwyn High School located in the street, there’s no doubt that buyers in Buchanan Avenue will be in the ‘‘zone’’. In the heart of North Balwyn, Buchanan Avenue is also home to Balwyn North Primary School, and tennis and bowls clubs, and offers direct access to Hislop Reserve, Macleay and Myrtle Parks. For allthose benefits, Buchanan Avenue is home to mostly modest bungalows, many built in the 1950s.

Whether Buchanan Avenue will remain a pretty, though unremarkable street, is debatable, as many buyers purchase properties in the area for land value only, with plans to tear down and build anew. Buying into the school zone is a key selling point for most local agents and, although speculating about the premium paid for properties with automatic right of access to the school is popular, Mr Nolan suggests it is very hard to tell how much more buyers  might be paying.

‘‘Possibly 10-15 per cent more but because properties in the suburb vary so much you’d need to have two identical properties to really compare prices.’’

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